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Creating MySQL Database in cPanel

Creating MySQL Database in cPanel creating mysql database in cpanel creating mysql database in cpanel

Login to cpanel dashboard and go to databases click on MySQL databases under the Databases section.

Enter a name for the database and click Create Database. Once the database creation completes, click Go Back.

Enter a username and a strong password for the database and click Create User. After user creation completes click on Go Back. 

After the creation of database and user add the user to the database. Under Add User To Database, select the appropriate user and database. If you have created multiple users you can select the user. & click on Add user.

Select the appropriate database permissions for the user and click Make Changes.

The database you created should now be displayed with the user you selected and you can now connect to it from code from phpmyadmin.

In current users you can manager the created users. Chnage the password and privileges of databse user.